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Y fue entre sus manos que me volví en una hoja en blanco y él se convirtió en el mejor de los poetas...
-Ale barajas.-

Subido el 10/06/2008
Valerie Kimani is the stunning, fresh new face of world music. 
Being the winner of the first ever reality show in East Africa, Project Fame, Valerie's energy, enthusiasm and incredible voice saw her walking away with the title of the best singer in the competition, and in turn secured her a three year recording contract with top South African recording company, Gallo Record Company. At 22 years old, the entire experience has set young Valerie into whirlwind media frenzy and seen her become a household name overnight in her country. With her head firmly on her shoulders, the young star is as humble now as she was entering the competition and her focus and determination has seen her taking her recording experience by the horns. Valerie has recently walked out of the studio with a mature and sophisticated debut album -- 'Besame Mucho'. Recorded between Kenya and South Africa, Valerie brought her songs to the attention of top South African urban producers D-Rex, known for his ability to create massive hits, who in turn polished and refined her workings into classic, smooth sounding world music creations. Also involved in production are Theo of Mafikizolo and Siphiwe Spijo Dlamini (Rae) Her first single, Besame Mucho (Kiss Me A Lot) is a Spanish rendition of the jazz standard written by the Mexican songwriter Consuelo Velazquez. The track has been made famous over the years by legendary singers such as The Beatles and Elvis Presley. Valerie does great justice to the classic with very little effort involved. One would be mistaken for believing the song was written exclusively for her. The rest of the album consists of original and cover version material sung in English, Spanish, Swahili, Uganda's Luganda, South African Zulu and her native Kenyan tongue Kikuyu. Although having had to spend much time in South Africa recording and promoting her album and taking care of her newfound fame, Valerie is extremely patriotic towards her home country and recently flew back home to reflect. She is currently finishing her final year at University where she is studying for a degree in Mass Communication. Her love for self-development, studying and poetry keep her grounded and balanced and often provides the inspiration for her song writing. Valerie's singing style has been described as a mixture between Jill Scott and Joss Stone, with traces of her East African roots. In all honesty, her jazzy influences and maturity remind one more of Cesaria Evora with a youthful energy. Drawing influences from all the legendary ladies of the musical world, Valerie is a spontaneous and enthusiastic artist with an energy that engages her audience immediately. She cites artists such as Corinne Rae Bailey. Zamajobe and Miriam Makeba as being instrumental in her move towards music.Already having shared the stage with high profile acts such as South Africa's Thandiswa Mazwai. Nigeria's Tu Face and India's Ruprekha Banerjee, Valerie has no fear of the limelight and has embraced it with ease, despite her youth and lack of experience. She recently held a small unofficial gathering of people spellbound when she performed 3 tracks in Johannesburg, her first performance of any kind in the country. A beautiful, organic and wholesome young woman, Valerie's star is rising faster every day. With an active buzz around her name despite not even having officially released her record yet, she has been set up appropriately for the world to receive her talent.
A definite start to look out for!


Recuerdos de aquella noche de seducción a rojo vivo de mi ser, donde dejé de ser y solo fui tu suspiro azul.
.-Nestor M.S.-

La belleza es ese misterio hermoso que no descifran ni la psicología ni la retórica.
.-Jorge Luis Borges.- Cuaderno Rojo.

Poema de Ana Rossetti "El jardín de las delicias".

Flores, pedazos de tu cuerpo;
me reclamo su savia.
Aprieto entre mis labios
la lacerante verga del gladiolo.
Cosería limones a tu torso,
sus durísimas puntas en mis dedos
como altos pezones de muchacha.
Ya conoce mi lengua las más suaves estrías de tu oreja
y es una caracola.
Ella sabe a tu leche adolescente,
y huele a tus muslos.
En mis muslos contengo los pétalos mojados
de las flores. Son flores pedazos de tu cuerpo.
.-Ana Rossetti.-

La noche quiso que fuésemos noche también nosotros, térreos como la sombra y como los animales que vagan desnudos a la caza del deleite...
.-Carles Riba.-

La memoria es un rumor interno.
.-George Santayana.-

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